The Guide To Planning A Corporate Event For Clients

In order to sustain a business, building a relationship and trust with the clients is vital. The key to that is being active. And what better way to do that than host a corporate event to impress them and also woo potential clients.

In a bid to host the clients and hold a dialogue, your boss just charged you with planning the corporate event. While it feels great that he trusted you with such a responsibility, you are also overwhelmed. After all, the last event or party you ever organized was probably back in college.

The stakes are high for this one. The event has to be well planned. To piece together a successful corporate event that impresses the clients and your boss, follow through this guide.

Understanding the agenda

Before you get on with the planning, it is essential to understand the event’s purpose to be able to pick out a suitable venue. Get a confirmation on which clients will be showing up, what kind of an event will woo them- an upscale event, a fancy dinner etc. Also confirm what the stipulated budget for the event is, so you stick to it and don’t go overboard with the expenses.

Picking the location

Location is key to attendance. Book a venue that does justice to the event type and is also convenient for the attendees. So while the latest club may have been great for an outing with your mates, it might not be suitable for your event purpose.

Also take into consideration the commutation pattern of the city before finalising a location. The venue has to be approachable if you expect a higher attendance.

Sending Out The Invites

Once you have the location picked out, compile a guest list and roll out the invites. Ideally, the invitation to the clients should be sent at least 4 weeks before the date of the event. Ensure the invite card has all the necessary information regarding the event- the date, time, location and agenda to make it easy for them.

Also design your invitation cards and RSVP options to gather as much information about them as possible, especially if they have a dietary restriction. The more information you have, the less time it will take for you to plan the whole affair. You will be surprised find that clients will readily provide such information, and in many cases, are extremely appreciative of efforts made to make them feel comfortable.

Have A Backup

While you may have planned the event meticulously, taking care of every minute detail, many issues might still arise on the day of the event. If, for a reason you aren’t available at the event, it is important someone else is to ensure things don’t go south.

Have an alternate point of contact for the clients and vendors in case you aren’t available. Intimate them with the event rundown, right from the menu to the food restrictions to the night’s entertainment.

Greeting The Guests

The day of the event is here. Make sure you put on your best smiling face to greet the clients. Have someone greet them at the venue gate. Have their name tags on the table so they can seat themselves seamlessly. Once they are seated, engage them in a conversation, could be anything from a casual talk to your business goals and expectations.

If it is a seminar, welcome and thank them for attending and open the dialogue once they are seated.

Add Some Entertainment

While corporate events may have a wide array of purposes, from celebrating a profit, acquiring new clients or a regular meeting with the clients, adding some entertainment to the event takes the event up a notch. It gives the attendees something unique. With the right kind of entertainment, a mundane seminar with the clients can be turned into a fun experience that they will remember long after the event is over.

From a jazz band to a string quartet, stand up comedians to circus performers or the enigmatic mind readers, there are so many options you could pick for your event. Not only will they entertain the guests, but will engage them and make your event the talk of the organization.

Worthy entertainment is what sets outstanding events apart from average ones. With the right kind of entertainment, you can ensure enthusiasm and participation in your event. Not to forget, if its a client event, it is important to make sure you do something that makes them look forward to your next event.

Follow Up

Once the event is over and you have basked in the praises showered on you by your boss and the clients alike, it is important to follow up with the attendees. It is all about building a relationship and wooing them after all. Thank them for their attendance and seek a feedback. You can send out a digital form to get their opinions and feedback on the event, so that you know what worked and what didn’t. This would help you keep those factors in mind while planning the next event.


Organizing a corporate event is always a daunting task, but as long as you remember that client events are about leaving an impression, and building and strengthening relationships, you will be able to hit the bull’s eye.

Unlike an informal event, you have to be cautious about where you host your event, what the rundown is, who the attendees are and what will please them. What is harder is organizing a corporate event for the clients. The stakes on this event are always higher. After all, your business will be able to sustain and grow for as long as you have the clients’ trust and support. In order to put together an event to reel them and impress them, follow the guide. Not only will you have made the clients and your organisation happy, but you’ll also be the much talked about event planner among your colleagues.