Big Builders Bag Sack Race

builders sack
1 ton bulk builders bag

This team building activity is brilliantly simple, yet can be adapted to suit your specific learning objective.

Equipment Needed: 1 bulk builders bag for each team.


The perfect set up is to split everyone into teams with four people in each team. Each team is given a bulk bag. The aim is for all team members to stand in the bulk bag together, and upon the word go, to get to the other end of the room whilst remaining inside the bag.

One technique team members can adopt is to all jump at the same time like a great big sack race. This of course requires great coordination, timing and teamwork. To get this working, one team member has to direct the others when to jump by shouting “jump.”
Another technique is for everyone to shuffle the bag forward. This is less effective but can work.
You can make the activity more interesting by making the teams race between cones or around obstacles.

Chariot Races with bulk bags

If you get bored with using the bags for the big sack race, you can also use them as chariots for racing.
You have one team member inside the bag as the rider, whilst two other team members stand outside the bag and pull it along the ground holding the handles. At the end of each lap, the rider has to swap until everyone has a go at being the rider.

We used to use blankets for this game. It worked brilliantly on sports hall or school hall floors. You can really get up some speed, and it is especially fun swinging around corners to race back to the start.

The bulk bags can also be used for relay races where the team carries objects collected from around a course. Depending on how mean you are feeling you can select object of various weights that will really test teamwork.

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